17.02.2019 23:51

Oh by the way im bethel park girl

Amy Vodkahaus

30.10.2019 06:07

So close!


17.02.2019 23:48

Hi hun, I’d like to get some photos of me all dressed up. I do my own makeup but I could,always use some tips. I have my own wigs and some sexy panties and bra sets. Also have some sexy dresses.

Amy Vodkahaus

30.10.2019 06:08

Hi Suzan,
I just now realized I can answer comments on here.
Just email me, anytime.

Mimi Katz

16.02.2019 22:07

Interested in makeover and instructions.
How do I go about scheduling

Amy Vodkahaus

30.10.2019 06:08
Thank you!


25.01.2019 01:13

Amy, do you have package deals, like makeup, hair and photoshoot all for one price, or is it separate?

Amy Vodkahaus

30.10.2019 06:09

e-mail me


29.12.2018 12:20

Hey girl I’m hoping to be able to book you soon I definitely need help and it looks like you are the best

Amy Vodkahaus

30.10.2019 06:09

I am :)
Thank you!

Lisa ann

27.12.2018 06:08

I’ve been thinking of having you do a makeover on me I’ve been cding for 20 years but always thought it would be fun

Amy Vodkahaus

30.10.2019 06:10

hit me up anytime


22.11.2018 05:29

I know this is really late notice, but I just found you 5 minutes ago. Hi! Any chance you have an opening this Saturday? My name is Steve, but I go by Steffi Isloved.

Wayne Jordan

12.11.2018 20:29

Hi, I’m a Sissy/CD who would like a makeover. Do you have an available day coming up soon? I’m available any time.

Amy Vodkahaus

06.11.2019 03:35

e-mail me
also sounds like you might be interested in my pro domme sissification sessions.
check out

Latest comments

26.11 | 21:56

I'm interested in booking the $1200 package I was wondering what days you had available after this Monday the 28th of November

14.11 | 19:44

I would like to use services in the early spring. How soon in advance do I have to book and how should I prepare myself before we meet?

03.11 | 15:46

Yikes!!!!! Way hot!

03.11 | 01:46

I want to transform myself into a quinceañera girl for my 17th birthday

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