16.04.2022 11:24

Is there anything available for appointment on today 4/16/22 thankyou


16.04.2022 15:12

No. Never on such short notice. It’s a weekend and I already got 3 gigs.


11.04.2022 11:33

Wanted to book you for August 14th. Let me know if you are available.


16.04.2022 15:12

You got it girl 😉


29.03.2022 01:05

Hello I am going to be in town April 4th and 5th
Wondering if you have any openings


16.04.2022 15:11

I don’t know. Maybe I had openings. Try emailed me ahead of time next time.


14.03.2022 14:40

Hi Amy. You are amazing and your website is sooo cool. I have been dressing for many years. Are you available tomorrow? Say 4ish? I have a fetlife page:


22.02.2022 21:03

Would love to book an appointment soon


22.02.2022 21:40

Sounds good!


14.01.2022 21:44

Hi Amy my name is Jennifer. I'm looking to get a full make up on the 20 th of January. I have a very special party I'm going to in arlington heights. How far is that from you.wondering if u are tha


17.01.2022 16:58

Just email me
And let’s arrange something

Sharon Carpenter

08.01.2022 13:06

Hey Amy. My husband is turning 60. He loves that we can indulge his CD fantasies. We have wanted to work with you for a long time and this birthday seems like the perfect gift for him. 1.30.22?


11.01.2022 12:43

I'm looking forward to meeting you guys :)


08.01.2022 04:47

I want to explore my feminine side


11.01.2022 12:42



20.11.2021 02:45

Hi Amy
Emailed on Fetlife Reserving Thursday 12/9 at approx 530pm Just makeover this time


20.11.2021 23:32

Got it. Thanks! Just follow the link to deposit. Thanks 😊

Laura Ashli

12.11.2021 04:18

Hi Amy,

I'm really interested in speaking with you about this. I sent you a text.

Laura Ashli


20.09.2021 09:48

Just wanted to see if you received my latest message. If you could help me with a costume I would love to go as Aunt Zelda. Let me know and I will book the date. Thanks, Billie


19.09.2021 14:44

email me please


16.09.2021 03:34

I would like to set up an appointment, do you also teach people how to do their own makeup, and when are you available?


16.09.2021 03:36

Yes. Email me


03.08.2021 04:05

Do you ever visit the scranton wilkes barre area


26.07.2021 18:19

I will be in rosemond Illinois this week is this near you interested in a makeover


21.07.2021 11:43

Love that you provide this service! Do you ever travel to rhode island?

Amy Vodkahaus

31.07.2021 15:19

Thank you! No, I never been there. Everyone comes here.

ron perez

17.07.2021 04:22

Hi are you available
regards Ron

Amy Vodkahaus

31.07.2021 15:18

Hi Ron! Yes, I am available.


12.05.2021 04:57

Do you ever find yourself in Southern California ?(Long Beach) area would you book a party of 15 girls facial make up only cross dress club meet monthly

Amy Vodkahaus

31.07.2021 15:17

That can be arranged.
Let me know. Thanks!


18.02.2021 15:20

Hello I've been crossdressing for two years I can do my make up but would love to do it better I live in erie pa and can travel I really need your help


18.02.2021 23:48

OK, then contact me abut setting up an appointment. Thanks!

Brianna Jameson

09.11.2020 17:01

Are you ever in buffalo New York?


28.12.2020 16:28

No. I hate that place. Everyone comes to see me. I don't need to go anywhere.

Uday tiwari

09.10.2020 12:17



28.12.2020 16:30

English or Bosnian, only.


let me know get back


05.10.2020 02:26

28.12.2020 16:29

No clue what you're talking about. Bye


30.09.2020 13:27

Wow this will be my first time and I been wanting to do this for quit sometime me and my friend and I'm ready

Amy Vodkahaus

02.10.2020 00:59

Okay, email me


19.08.2020 16:08

OMG! I so want to do this, But I'll cry the whole time and probably ruin the makeup because its been so long since I felt pretty or attractive.

Amy Vodkahaus

21.08.2020 02:34

We can fix that :)


12.07.2020 06:50

like 2 book a makeover w/u u dressed too. where e u located? I live in Tarentum in AK Valley.I would like 2 have makeover & 4 u 2 take sexy pics of me while I jerk off any Sunday after 4p,

Amy Vodkahaus

28.07.2020 05:23

Sure. That is fetish work and you'll pay fetish rate for that!

Alex ricard

28.06.2020 21:33

Would you be open still when I'm out of college

Amy Vodkahaus

02.07.2020 05:12

Of course :)


18.06.2020 05:11

What part of the city are you located in? Also, are you okay with bigger people?

Amy Vodkahaus

02.07.2020 05:11

I am in Pittsburgh, PA, the city. Yes, I working with people of all sizes, age, color and shapes. Just see the photos in my album. Thanks!


06.06.2020 15:20

Hi wanted to see if your open and available for Tuesday? Thank you for your time.

Amy Vodkahaus

02.07.2020 05:10

Just call, text or e-mail me next time please. I saw this late.
Thank you!


23.04.2020 04:57

OMG I am so excited to find you! This is a service I have dreamed of! I think I know what my birthday present to myself will be this year!

I will be booking around Sept

Amy Vodkahaus

03.05.2020 08:32

Sounds great! I am looking forward to meeting you!


23.03.2020 13:25

High it's racheal I'm looking forward to having you make me gorgeous since you are a make up expert. I try to do my own with no luck. Also can you help me set up on a good site for a before and after

Amy Vodkahaus

03.05.2020 08:33

Hi Rachel, thank you! Hit me up anytime.

Annabelle Celine Demure

13.02.2020 18:49

You place sounds absolutely wonderful,
If I'm ever in Pittsburgh I plan to make an appointment!

Any Vodkahaus

17.02.2020 06:22

Sounds good, thanks!

glen buchheit

so what would a full head to toe whole 9 yards day cost me

Amy Vodkahaus

01.02.2020 19:15

17.02.2020 06:21


25.01.2020 20:46

Hi any avail on feb 23th?

Amy Vodkahaus

25.01.2020 23:53

Yes. Email me at

Frank Skwaryk

24.01.2020 22:57

Hello I'm a older CD I live in Erie PA I'd love to learn how to do make up so I can go out in public please get back I'm free almost any time for a appointment

Amy Vodkahaus

25.01.2020 03:11

Sure thing lady! Hit me up anytime.

Robyn Drake

18.01.2020 21:45

Do you have anything available for Friday at Keystone, before the gala?

Amy Vodkahaus

22.01.2020 07:22

Perhaps. I don't know yet. I haven't really given it any thought if I am going or not at this point.

Roger Reynolds

05.01.2020 01:45

Hello Amy ..... I'm Laura from Indianapolis IN. I might be going through P in a few weeks. In the closet for many years but, if I don't chicken out, would love to get at a facial makeover.

Amy Vodkahaus

07.01.2020 11:18

OK lady, sounds great! E-mail me directly at with some dates and times that work for you if you would like to set something up and we will go from there. Thanks!

Dave mcconahy

22.11.2019 16:28

Dave mccon ahy iam at the gala looking for a makeup friday and sat.

Amy Vodkahaus

22.11.2019 18:20

Hi Dave,
I’m at Erie Gala only on Saturday this year.
What time would you like to see me?
I got some time slots left.
Email me


Joan Porter

19.11.2019 21:43

I would like to schedule a makeover at Erie Gala for Saturday Nov 23 in the late afternoon if possible. How much do you charge for a makeover?


Amy Vodkahaus

20.11.2019 02:34
It’s $100 as posted under the event.
Depends what time you were thinking.
Email me
Thank you!

Brian Hayes

17.10.2019 01:48

I really want to so this, I am really mad with makeup and need help on teaching me how to do it right and to make it look good

Amy Vodkahaus

30.10.2019 06:00

Hi Brian! Come and see me sometimes. You know where to find me ;)

Dustin parkey

09.09.2019 12:11

Hi my name is dustin I'm 36 and i like to cross dress but it's hard anyone willing to talk to me and help me please let me know

Amy Vodkahaus

30.10.2019 06:02

Hi Dustin,
Try chat groups on Kik, or FetLife. Good luck and be safe!


04.08.2019 06:50

You and your work look absolutely amazing girl!

Amy Vodkahaus

30.10.2019 06:02

Thank you so much!

Alice Evangeline Candace

09.06.2019 04:33

I’m a post op transgender woman

Amy Vodkahaus

30.10.2019 06:02

Bless you!


08.06.2019 23:58

Hi my name is joshua i am 14 years old i wanna be a crossdresser i need help and some tips etc... please messege me love you😘😘

Amy Vodkahaus

30.10.2019 06:04

Hey Joshua,
YouTube it!
Be careful with pervs online!

Straight Cute Sissy Boy

03.08.2019 21:10

Hi Joshua. Please contact me if you need advice or guidance on this. I would be pleased to help in a professional, appropriate manner. My email is - I hope to hear from you soon.


20.05.2019 15:06

What is the best way to reach you to set up an appointment ?

Amy Vodkahaus

30.10.2019 06:04

Hello Jacqueline!
Probably en email...
Thank you!

Brinah Morgan

17.05.2019 13:42

Hi Amy,
Checking your availability for Saturday, June 8 for a makeover session. 😊

Amy Vodkahaus

30.10.2019 06:05

...I just now realized I can answer comments on here.

Brienna Dennouix

12.04.2019 19:32

Hi Amy, I wanted to see if you had any sessions available for April 27 or April 28, I am looking for a makeover, photoshoot and would love to go on an Outing with you dressed

gary wissocki

13.03.2019 18:37

Hello Amy;
I'd like to book an appointment mid to late April. During the week. Once confirmed, I will book a flight from Newark to your Pittsburgh airport. I need to explain more... Please write me.


18.02.2019 00:40


18.02.2019 00:39 Here I am.

Suzan = fonature

17.02.2019 23:54

Ever been to the blue moon? Yeah u love look so sexy.

Amy Vodkahaus

30.10.2019 06:07

Blue Moon is my home bar, it's where I started. I take many clients there. It's a great accepting and very diverse crowd.

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26.11 | 21:56

I'm interested in booking the $1200 package I was wondering what days you had available after this Monday the 28th of November

14.11 | 19:44

I would like to use services in the early spring. How soon in advance do I have to book and how should I prepare myself before we meet?

03.11 | 15:46

Yikes!!!!! Way hot!

03.11 | 01:46

I want to transform myself into a quinceañera girl for my 17th birthday

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