Ginalea Williams

17.11.2020 22:48

Interested in a makeover


04.12.2020 11:16



16.11.2020 10:52

Hi Amy,
I’m very interested in your service and would like you at my location in Pittsburgh. Would you you bring the wigs, clothes, shapewear, etc to my location or should I provide it?


04.12.2020 11:16

Oh yeah, I’ll rent Uhaul and hire moving crew that day, just for you.


30.10.2020 13:36

Last weekend was a blast and I just really wanted to thank you for making my birthday weekend so special you made me so beautiful and I felt so confident like I could have gone anywhere. Loved it all!

Uday tiwari

09.10.2020 12:11

M to f

Uday tiwari

09.10.2020 12:13

Not f

jewel dawson

30.09.2020 01:29

Hi Amy, I want to see if you were available to book a session on Oct 15 or 16th. If you are drop me an email and we can go from there


10.09.2020 07:20

Please feminize me

Amy Vodkahaus

14.09.2020 03:27

Sure thing. Just book a session.

Candy Swallows

19.08.2020 18:57


I would love a transformation I just enjoy spmeone else doing my makeup especially before a date Where are you located

Amy Vodkahaus

21.08.2020 02:35

Pittsburgh, PA
It says on my website.

Ralph L Geyer Jr

10.08.2020 17:10

Price for makeup 💄 session changing clothes a couple of times say 2-3 hrs. Just south of Columbus Oh.

Amy Vodkahaus

21.08.2020 02:35

I don't understand your comment.


05.08.2020 11:30

I love to dress up. Are you located in GA? I would love some help with making my dress up better.

Amy Vodkahaus

07.08.2020 02:15

My location is on here. Figure it out.

Jan C Allen

06.06.2020 04:37

Wow I'm a 63 yr old Crossdresser and have done so for 53 yrs. Myself and my wife have taken many pics of me and we have one on the wall that she loves dearly. Just for once i would love to be made up

Amy Vodkahaus

08.06.2020 14:11

then come see me sometimes

Danni Hanes

18.05.2020 20:45

How much is it to come to uhrichsville Ohio and full m2f makeover,I have everything I need

Amy Vodkahaus

08.06.2020 14:15

That's 4 hours in the car plus a makeover. $500 or I can find a better way to spend my day.

DaNiece LaShay

06.05.2020 04:08

Hello I came across your site on youtube while trying to locate a M2F transformation studio I was looking at True Colors In Belthem, Pa, Never Knew there was a shop in Pittsburg. I am a 57 yr old CD

Amy Vodkahaus

11.05.2020 21:11

Yep, 4 miles south of downtown Pittsburgh.

dumb dude

23.04.2020 22:53

Service prices seem very affordable, compared to others. Pictured models look great. Each unique, sexy and not too trashy very versatile look. Not same drag look on everyone, not too plain. Sensual !

Amy Vodkahaus

11.05.2020 21:11

Thanks. I live for your approval and validation.


15.04.2020 05:50

I am interested in your services but you do not say anything about where you are located

Amy Vodkahaus

11.05.2020 21:10

Pittsburgh, PA
It's on the very first page


30.03.2020 15:53

Where are you located ?

Amy Vodkahaus

11.05.2020 21:08

Pittsburgh, PA
It's on the first page


06.03.2020 01:01 you have openings on march 7?

Amy Vodkahaus

11.05.2020 21:08

I am starting see people again. Let me know if you're interested.

Alexandra Love

27.02.2020 22:32

Where are you located?

J Fleming

30.03.2020 02:03

Where are you located?


03.02.2020 19:34

Amazing work with model Beretta, stunningly beautiful, overwhelming desire.

Ken Barnes

29.01.2020 14:45

Sounds very business I like. I'll be back thank you.


21.01.2020 02:59

Are you coming to Boston for First Event?

Amy Vodkahaus

21.01.2020 04:19

No, I am not. They’ve got Sephora giving free makeovers. Thanks for asking.


19.01.2020 03:46

Can i reserve a appointment 3 weeks from now? Do u do a full makeup an everything like whats the process

Amy Vodkahaus

20.01.2020 06:02

Sure thing. Email me at when you’re ready to book an appointment.
You’re asking questions that are literally answered on this web page!

Andrew Ortega

07.01.2020 08:02

Hi I'm a Male. I want to be female. Or look like one. I dress myself. But I do need help.

Amy Vodkahaus

07.01.2020 11:12

Then perhaps you should come in and see me for a male to female makeup makeover transformation session.
Amy at

Samuel Kainaroi

12.12.2019 23:22

How old must you be to get a makeover?

Amy Vodkahaus

13.12.2019 00:16


Willam Vick

26.11.2019 02:25

Do I have to shave my whole body beforehand?

Amy Vodkahaus

26.11.2019 02:30

Sasquatch look is in this season.

Willam Vick

26.11.2019 02:11

Do u have wedding dresses

Amy Vodkahaus

26.11.2019 02:36

Willam Vick

26.11.2019 02:31

Do u do false nails

Amy Vodkahaus

26.11.2019 02:19

I do not, those take too much space...but I am friends with a photographer who has quite a collection! I would do your hair and makeup and we would go to her studio to take photos.

Antoine Lahaie

17.11.2019 22:23

Montreal, Canada?

Amy Vodkahaus

21.11.2019 03:31

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Danny hanes

10.11.2019 11:08

What would it cost to get together in Akron Ohio,

Amy Vodkahaus

21.11.2019 03:32

$120 travel cost plus my regular services fees


06.11.2019 09:27

Would love to have a day dressed

Amy Vodkahaus

06.11.2019 13:18

Cool! Email me when you’re ready to book an appointment. Thanks!


04.09.2019 23:58

Meeting with Stevie on the 20of Sept. she is having you do her makeup later in the afternoon.
Can I get you to come to me at the American best value near the airport anytime after 12


04.09.2019 17:11

Curious where you are located ... I would like to experience a night out made over all the way ... In bars where this is accepted ... And even encouraged ...

Amy Vodkahaus

06.11.2019 03:25

I am in Pittsburgh, PA


22.06.2019 04:22

Wig reviving. A transitioning friend gave me three wigs. I have zero knowledge of wigs, quality, anything. How do I sort out if they are quality or junk? I have no idea how to take care of the tangled

Amy Vodkahaus

06.11.2019 03:26

I just steam them out straight and start over. Sometimes I add extensions for highlights, thickness or the length, sometimes they just need conditioned and styled.


19.06.2019 04:44

Love to get transformed need to learn everything fem

Amy Vodkahaus

06.11.2019 03:27

You came to the right place.


06.06.2019 21:33

Hi amy: I am very intrested in your services since I've been a cross dresser in the closet since I was 14 who would like to do the whole gamut of make up dress up, photos Etc

Amy Vodkahaus

06.11.2019 03:27

Sweet! hit me up and let's book your session.


21.05.2019 01:39

Can my “boyfriend “ come to a makeover?

Amy Vodkahaus

06.11.2019 03:28

Of course! I have many couples who come and see me.

Abby jo

15.05.2019 19:58

Hey I would like to purchase a wig please some way or another (:

Amy Vodkahaus

06.11.2019 03:29

Cool! Let me know what you're looking for and I might have it or I could make it. Thanks!

Jeremy Blankenship

01.05.2019 04:44

I am a closet crossdresser and I can't find any heels in my size which would be a size 16 because I wear a male size 14 and I was wondering if you sold heels in my size?

Amy Vodkahaus

06.11.2019 03:29

I do have a few pairs of 16s ;)


30.04.2019 13:46

Sent you a Flickr mail. Please reply.


29.04.2019 16:20

Hi! Just found your site.I have been crossdressing for awhile and I need help in all areas to help me be the woman that I want to be!

Amy Vodkahaus

06.11.2019 03:30

that's sweet
shoot me an email
let's set something up


18.04.2019 16:39

Where are you located?

Amy Vodkahaus

06.11.2019 03:30

I am located in Pittsburgh, PA


18.02.2019 18:42

I to try makeup for first time can we do a video chat lesson just to discuss what I need to buy

Amy Vodkahaus

06.11.2019 03:31

Sure thing!


04.02.2019 18:14

Amy ,Been in the closet 50years, & still struggle with make-up application. Sooo glad to have found you're site!!! I will be scheduling with you in the spring


24.12.2018 21:32

Hello Gorgeous, got a quick question. Can you recommend the same person who Microblade your eyebrows? Thanks!

Amy Vodkahaus

06.11.2019 03:32

Of course!


17.12.2018 13:08

Email me

Amy Vodkahaus

06.11.2019 03:32

I am not sure where...
You e-mail me


31.10.2018 18:55

Will you shave me all over

Amy Vodkahaus

06.11.2019 03:33

Sure. That's a fetish work session that you should book thru my kink website

Latest comments

26.11 | 21:56

I'm interested in booking the $1200 package I was wondering what days you had available after this Monday the 28th of November

14.11 | 19:44

I would like to use services in the early spring. How soon in advance do I have to book and how should I prepare myself before we meet?

03.11 | 15:46

Yikes!!!!! Way hot!

03.11 | 01:46

I want to transform myself into a quinceañera girl for my 17th birthday

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