09.01.2019 13:44

I would like to schedule a complete makeover and makeup lesson I would also like help with buying a wig that’s going to give me the best look I would prefer to be a redhead looking forward to hearing


28.12.2018 18:49

I need female clothes

James 40

28.12.2018 22:15

Have you tried ordering some off of the Wish app? I have a few times without any problems. Another good place to look is at Goodwill, people donate some really nice clothes that you can pick up cheap.

Cheryl Gay

30.11.2018 03:17

Hey beautiful... You are doing some wonderful things... So proud of you and I miss you.


29.11.2018 13:16

I need help every where in all aspects. I just want to be pretty! I love it want it.


24.11.2018 16:02

. meaning to book an appointment for months now. But really thought work would slow down. Doesn't seem to be that way. But definitely need to book. So I'm going to put money on card and book.


03.11.2018 16:15

Hello ma'am,
Any chance you might have weekend or Monday hours available for makeup appointments?

tommi vance

26.12.2017 20:47

I will be contacting you very soon to get a makeover , I love you work

Latest comments

26.11 | 21:56

I'm interested in booking the $1200 package I was wondering what days you had available after this Monday the 28th of November

14.11 | 19:44

I would like to use services in the early spring. How soon in advance do I have to book and how should I prepare myself before we meet?

03.11 | 15:46

Yikes!!!!! Way hot!

03.11 | 01:46

I want to transform myself into a quinceañera girl for my 17th birthday

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