29.04.2022 19:31

Wondering if you are comfortable doing makeovers for older(read senior) CD's ? Any experience withthat? I hope


30.04.2022 14:35

Of course. I seen many.


28.04.2022 17:34

Amazing. But missed my time..

John Barnes

16.04.2022 03:01

Hello I’m John I need a shemale to show me a good time


16.04.2022 15:10

John, you’re an idiot. Go elsewhere


30.03.2022 22:32

I am 30 want to truly meet my feminine side. I do want to go out as my feminine self


I'm 34 and very girly.

Need a session urgent.

I would LOVE to meet other gurls for a night out...


25.03.2022 06:49

25.03.2022 06:51

Cool. Email me like everyone else and let’s talk dates to book your session.


20.03.2022 05:27

Hi I'm a 21 yr old trans girl and was wondering if you are able to do the emo e girl look


20.03.2022 17:18

Of course


08.03.2022 19:39

I would love to have a make over and the a dome session on the same day ? Is that possible


20.03.2022 17:19

Perhaps. Fill out the form on my other side.

Jessica Anne Barde

03.03.2022 16:22

What a very professional introduction about the very important service that you are providing to the community. Corresponding with you via email you made me very relaxed and very comfortable.

Jessica Anne Barde

03.03.2022 16:16

Well good morning beautiful!!! What a nice way to brighten up my day. I was a little nervous about my last message to you..I was like I hope I didn't come off disrespectful or like a freaking whac


27.02.2022 05:10

Hey not sure how to get a hold of you but I have called a few times and emailed a few times hopefully this works


28.02.2022 00:08

My number is not listed on here, I got tired of wankers, so I’m not sure who you called. My email address is


07.02.2022 01:13

March 24, 25, 26 is the Keystone Conference in Gettysburg. Im hoping that you will be one of the vendors as I always get a makeover each day

Staci Penns

27.01.2022 18:50

Hello Amy. Been awhile, glad to see your well n things are good for You. Booked an appointment here few years ago n then all he'll broke. I told you to keep the money, cause I felt bad. Like 2schedule


28.02.2022 00:10

Hello. Yea ma’am. Okay, whenever you’re ready.


27.01.2022 01:40

I would love to surprise my husband with a fantasy makeover.
It would be the best birthday gift.
Please send links near Pittsburgh/Ohio.


19.02.2022 03:40

Such a great wife and a very lucky husband!


27.01.2022 04:45

Hey hey
Lucky you
I am in Pittsburgh
Yinz should see me sometimes


08.01.2022 04:31

I would love for you to feminize me.


11.01.2022 12:43

book a session like everyone else.


11.12.2021 01:47

I want to plan a future makeover. Please send me any information.


11.12.2021 19:01

Cool! Look around this website. It’s all on here. I pay for this site so I don’t answer same questions all day ever day.


08.12.2021 20:14

I really need yoyr help! i emailed earlier but said somethong wrong! please help me


11.12.2021 19:03

Yep. You did.
It’s a no and always will be. Good luck out there!


03.12.2021 05:26

For questions not answered on the Q&A page, that I’m not comfortable asking in a comment, would I email the email from your booking page or is that only for booking?


11.12.2021 19:02

Email me. Keep in mind you say something stupid and I’ll never see you.

Amy Mouse

23.11.2021 18:12

Your YouTube and Instagram links both go to a dead Instagram page.


24.11.2021 01:28

Thank you for letting me know :)

Jon N Conley

04.11.2021 20:08

Are you aware of an similar services in Des Moines Iowa?


13.11.2021 06:08

None. Everyone comes to see me.


12.09.2021 22:27

thank you for having site like this and encouraging people like me to explore a new side of is something i need to do soon


29.09.2021 22:24

Do it gurl!


17.08.2021 22:57

I would like to go clothes and wig shopping and also to the nail salon. Do you ever accompany clients on such trips?

Amy Vodkahaus

19.08.2021 03:39

Yes ma’am

Thasmin Fathima

02.08.2021 01:45

Do you provide video recording facility of the entire day at m2fantasy?

Amy Vodkahaus

19.08.2021 03:38

Of course

Thasmin Fathima

01.08.2021 05:51

Can you cover the moustache using prosthetics?


01.08.2021 08:51

Sure, if you want to look like a burn victim. Just wear a Covid mask, put on a wig and pair of sunglasses. Good luck girl!

Thasmin Fathima

31.07.2021 05:08

Is ear piercing and clean shave mandatory?Do you use liquid latex?

Amy Vodkahaus

31.07.2021 15:11

It’s up to you if you want to shave or not. I got clip on earrings. I’m not sure what you mean by liquid latex. Perhaps a lash glue? I use a few different ones.

Edward Barde

10.07.2021 17:24

I'm looking to be totally feminized permanently and I'm sure that you are the best that I have ever seen and I would love for you to be my make up artist and wardrobe consultant and I will do the rest

Amy Vodkahaus

31.07.2021 15:09

Cool. Come see me sometimes.

Summer ford

10.06.2021 22:42

Will u come to Dallas tx for conference

Summer ford

10.06.2021 22:39

Will w


13.05.2021 22:44

I need my make up done. My phone is 323 305-9044


10.04.2021 05:11

I would love to get tips and training on how to transform into a proper sissy bimbo for my Mistress. Do you have any recommendations on where to go for such services in Atlanta GA?

Amy Vodkahaus

31.07.2021 15:08

Yes! Contact Goddess Chyenne.


04.04.2021 03:47

I would love to be fixed up sexy and then learn to be a good sissy whore. Willing to submit myself for a weekand and make her money. I want the experience. Is that wrong or do able?

Ron Sullivan

15.03.2021 18:58

I live in Rochester. I want to set up a session from makeup to clothes. To some walking lessons. I will come down just for this and stay over at a hotel. I am thinking it will 6 hours. Costs?

Amy Vodkahaus

31.07.2021 15:06

The cost of your trip? I don’t know. Depends what you drive or how you get there, and where you stay. My rates and services are listed on this website. Good luck!

Gerald Bauld

26.01.2021 01:50

Iam looking to get a job for any store that is about crissdressunf. I work for free just do I can live my life the way I want to


17.02.2021 20:26

Good luck getting a job anywhere with that writing. Thoughts and prayers sis!


19.12.2020 12:02

I am a crossdresser I would really Love to come on down and let you work me over and go out for a nite on the town it is what I have wanted to do all my life I just cant afford to do it


28.12.2020 16:26

Then keep on dreaming! I don't come to your job and ask you to work for free either. Bye

Phillipe Moss or pHYLUUZ

07.12.2020 10:59



07.12.2020 11:02

Of course

Brianna Jameson

09.11.2020 17:06

Are you ever in buffalo ny ?


04.12.2020 11:13

For funerals. I had family there.
Anyway, everyone comes to me so I don’t need to go anywhere.


14.10.2020 00:13

Love it!

Dave Beardslee

16.09.2020 12:17

I’m ready to be sexy again. Can you help??

Amy Vodkahaus

17.09.2020 03:51

Yep, I can.


31.08.2020 22:43

Hi Amy, very interested in your service but extremely reserved. Wondering about pre makeover stuff (if any) such as what style of makeover you recommend based on person, clothing/shaving/prep etc..

Amy Vodkahaus

14.09.2020 03:33

I don't understand the question.
Pretty sure it's all answered under services and Q& A on here.


27.08.2020 18:16

Amy I love your work!!! Would you do makeup for cis female?

Amy Vodkahaus

27.08.2020 21:03

Thank you! Of course, I would love to do your makeup.
I do everyone's makeup just that this is my niche market. Come see me anytime.


27.08.2020 15:40

Are you currently operational in this climate of madness? Could you email me details and prices? You are what i am looking for and I am serious. Thank you in advance.

Amy Vodkahaus

27.08.2020 21:04

Just click on Services & Rates


04.08.2020 17:42

Are you ever in nyc?

Amy Vodkahaus

07.08.2020 02:14

No. People fly in to see me from all over I don't need to go anywhere.


18.07.2020 21:46

hi, this is a sexual turn on for me, idk if i could pass but id luv 2 try n b sluuty. can u help?

Amy Vodkahaus

28.07.2020 05:25

Yes, I can help you.

David r mcnally

25.06.2020 23:26

Do you have availability june 27 for makeover?

Amy Vodkahaus

02.07.2020 05:09

I did not see this in time. Try emailing, texting or calling me next time please. Thanks!

Tye Arno

18.06.2020 03:05

I'm 61 years old and have always wanted to do the full effect of crossdressing. Please help me. I'm a person of color.

Amy Vodkahaus

02.07.2020 05:08

Just message me anytime you would like to come and see me. Thanks!


03.06.2020 20:07

I like to meet u im from holland can i stay at ur house for a week and be ur slave u can do everyting with me ill be a good boy and transform me into a barbie slut


11.05.2020 21:10

love the pictures, especially Callie, gives me hope for how i could "maybe look", i think im going to have to visit - "as soon as i can" - when ever that may be..

Amy Vodkahaus

11.05.2020 21:14

OK, you know where to find me when you're ready. Thanks!


12.04.2020 21:07

I am looking forward to coming to PA. for a makeover. I will warn you, it will take all of your skills to pass me off as a woman.

Amy Vodkahaus

03.05.2020 08:44

I am sure you will look amazing!

Sara Summers

28.03.2020 08:58

I love this page

Amy Vodkahaus

03.05.2020 08:43

Thank you!


24.03.2020 06:39

You have a good day tomorrow dress nice nice and pretty


Sweetie I'm waiting for you I'm watching TV

24.03.2020 01:08

Latest comments

26.11 | 21:56

I'm interested in booking the $1200 package I was wondering what days you had available after this Monday the 28th of November

14.11 | 19:44

I would like to use services in the early spring. How soon in advance do I have to book and how should I prepare myself before we meet?

03.11 | 15:46

Yikes!!!!! Way hot!

03.11 | 01:46

I want to transform myself into a quinceañera girl for my 17th birthday

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