05.09.2021 23:29


Hi. How far do you travel? I’m near Syracuse NY

20.10.2021 17:53


I don’t travel. Everyone flies in to see me here. I don’t need to.

10.08.2020 11:13


Hi, where is your place?
I want to live the experience...

27.08.2020 21:08

Amy Vodkahaus

Pittsburgh, PA

24.06.2020 18:28


This might be a weird question to get, but I’m a junior in highschool who wants to go into the makeup world, I’ve been looking around for different places. I was wondering if you offer jobs to others?

02.07.2020 05:21

Amy Vodkahausa

Hi Alex! It's just me, one person running everything over here. Makeup is a manual skill, anyone can learn it. Just keep practicing. Depending on what state you're in you probably don't need school.

21.06.2020 04:40


Hi , I’m a black guy would like to do a transformation . Would like to be dressed for a club outing . Both hair and nails done .

02.07.2020 05:19

Amy Vodkahaus

Hello! Everything is closed in Allegheny County, again :(
No outings at the moment but you're welcome over anytime for a makeover and photos :)

22.03.2020 20:51


If I book the accompanied outing, could you do my make up and then we go shopping? Maybe finish with some photos in my new outfits.

03.05.2020 08:38

Amy Vodkahaus

Sure thing! That would be awesome!
(whenever the places open back up tho)

17.02.2020 06:02


Hi..there I live in south bend Indiana..i am not sure where you located? would you mind please let me my email ..Thanks

17.02.2020 06:26

Amy Vodkahaus

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
It's all over my site.

05.02.2020 07:33


Im almost 6 months mtf hrt. I need help with my makeup

17.02.2020 06:24

Amy Vodkahaus

Stop by and see me sometimes.

19.11.2019 23:03


Hi, I'd like to find out more about how you can help me bring my woman self out; ... and yes... I haven't come out in public , but so anxious to. I don't see on your site, your city? I'm in Hawaii

20.11.2019 02:31

Amy Vodkahaus

Click “About Me” & “Services and Rates”

23.09.2019 01:01

Anthony Raven

Is there anywhere I get waxed before I get transformed.

06.11.2019 03:38

Amy Vodkahaus

yes, I got a nice Bulgarian lady who takes care of that. Thanks!

13.09.2019 03:13

Anthony Troutman

Hello Miss Amy, please let me know how I can officially get ahold of you to set up a session. I am mtf but not exactly out totally to the world yet been on HRT for over 6 mont Would U help me?

06.11.2019 03:38

Amy Vodkahaus

Hello hello
just shoot me an email

15.08.2019 16:14


I'm in need of a complete makeover from mtf makeup everything

06.11.2019 03:39

Amy Vodkahaus

Sounds great!
e-mail me
Thank you!

12.07.2019 02:20

Gwen Raven

You are the greatest.

26.06.2019 16:12


HI Amy,
I'd really like to have an appointment this afternoon? June 27th? Is that possible?