19.11.2020 12:34


Do you ever get to Tampa Bay, Fl?

04.12.2020 11:10


No. Everyone flies in to see me. I don’t need to go anywhere.

01.10.2020 02:30


Can we buy breast forms from you as well as clothes and wigs?

02.10.2020 00:58

Amy Vodkahaus

You can, online.
What I do is listed under Services and Rates

10.09.2020 17:14


Im interested but shy. I have experience with photos .. Being around others at events and enjoy dancing with others . lets discuss.

14.09.2020 03:31

Amy Vodkahaus

Sure thing! Email me directly at

05.09.2020 03:02

Katherine SMITH

I am interested in if you are open for business? If so please let me know. I am very interested in your services 😀

14.09.2020 03:32

Amy Vodkahaus

Yes ma'am!

09.08.2020 14:58

Charlene Heaton

Would you take pics of me in my bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings? Doing it by myself just dorsnt work.

27.08.2020 21:06

Amy Vodkahaus

Of course! I do boudoir and fetish photography, just that I do not post most of those on here.

27.06.2020 19:08

Joan Norman

i have looked everywhere on your website for the area you cover.
best i could find was Pennsylvania?
Do you have referral in the Bay Area?
wish we were closer thanks

02.07.2020 05:16

Amy Vodkahaus

I am in PA and people come to see me from all over. I heard of a place in LA. The closest to you that I personally know and would recommend are Amy Lamb and Sasha Rochelle in Vegas.

27.05.2020 15:26

Len Blake

Are smaller men, transformed into little

10.05.2020 14:48


I wish you were in Canada, I have been looking for someone to help me learn to dress 40 its difficult.

11.05.2020 21:13

Amy Vodkahausa

No thanks. Too cold.
I'm not far from Canada. Canadians come to see me all the time.

23.03.2020 13:40


I'm missing out to I want somebody to make love to me so bad

05.06.2020 10:32


Hello, I understand the feeling...write me and be my friend.

03.05.2020 08:34

Amy Vodkahaus

So get out and meet some people, gurl :)

14.03.2020 06:30


Thank you for all you do.

03.05.2020 08:34

Amy Vodkahaus

Aww thanks Lili! Hope you are safe and well. Can't wait for this nonsense to be over so we can all get back to doing things we love.

20.01.2020 07:18

Tyler Olmstead

How much would it cost to come to iowa

20.01.2020 07:29

Amy Vodkahaus

Email me

05.01.2020 00:28


Hi Amy,
Do you ever travel to the Lehigh Valley?

07.01.2020 11:15

Amy Vodkahaus

I travel to anywhere... It's up to you and your budget. I charge for the travel expense (packing, unpacking, mileage, toll, the time spent driving) on top of my regular makeover cost. Thanks!

27.12.2019 02:11

Paul Sutton

I would like to have a makeover. Can I bring my own stuff.

27.12.2019 02:16

Amy Vodkahaus

Of course. Let me know when you would like to come by.

20.11.2019 08:32


I love it

21.11.2019 03:30

Amy Vodkahaus

thank you!

02.11.2019 08:22

don lee


we are a manufacturer for crossdressing products. such as silicone breast forms, masks, pants and so on.

we hope to have a cooperaiton with you, we could supply dropshipping service from our U

08.10.2019 06:27


I would love to get dolled up and have pictures taken

06.11.2019 03:17

Amy Vodkahaus

Great! E-mail me at and we will set something up. Thank you!

14.07.2019 12:56

Jules Hughes

What are your costs honey.For makeup and photo shoot?

06.11.2019 03:18

Amy Vodkahaus

It's all on this website gurl.

14.07.2019 12:54

Jules Hughes

Way to go girl! Just moved back from az. Where i came out.Glad to see something so unique for the " burgh"! When i get the scratch up.i will definetly be making an appointment!💖💖💖💖

16.06.2019 12:09


Hi I’m looking to have a makeover sometime in the near future. I hope to hear back from you soon. Thanks!

06.11.2019 03:18

Amy Vodkahaus

Sure thing! Email me at and let's get you in.

24.05.2019 12:46


How do we make an appointment?

06.11.2019 03:19

Amy Vodkahaus

Just email me at
Thank you!

29.04.2019 01:20

Brenda Leigh

I'm Brenda and I'm a M to F TG Woman living full time in Phx, AZ. What do you use to cover beard shadow!? PLEASE HELP!! After 4 hrs mine bleeds thru, have tried it all!!

21.03.2019 02:32

Mike ( Michelle)

Hi ..i was so excited to see your in Pittsburgh and i am definitely interested in your services i wanna learn how to be totally passable

06.11.2019 03:20

Amy Vodkahaus

Sure thing lady! e-mail me at

19.03.2019 07:18

Amy lynn/ Jerry Robbins

You do awesome work. I've been to the north in. Ermo t and had makeovers and photo shoots and looked amazing! I'm betting you can take me to the next level and teach me to be frigging beautiful.

06.11.2019 03:21

Amy Vodkahaus

Just come see me sometime!
thank you

19.03.2019 07:57

Amy lynn/ Jerry Robbins

Amy lynn

23.02.2019 00:42

David Trageser

I am interested in getting made over for a photo shoot. I live in Hamburg NY. Can you give me an estimate, if you have to travel here.

06.11.2019 03:21

Amy Vodkahaus

sure thing
email me at and let's go from there.
Thank you!

13.02.2019 15:08


OMG! I just found out about this. I plan on using many of your great services. I really hope you open a store some day!

06.11.2019 03:22

Amy Vodkahaus

ha! thank you :)
I mean I do have a full setup here.
Stop by and see me sometime.
Thank you!

29.01.2019 12:12


Hi Amy, great site - excuse bald approach I'm marketing a book - How to Feminize your voice - by Martine M. Song available on amazon (ebook or paperback). ASIN: B07M85MTPY - could be a product for u

06.11.2019 03:24

Amy Vodkahaus

That is amazing!
I been planning to add a page on here with external links to products and services where my visitors could use my code for deals...

06.12.2018 06:31


well damn I came across this googling things saw your video damn good looking