16.04.2022 11:24


Is there anything available for appointment on today 4/16/22 thankyou

16.04.2022 15:12


No. Never on such short notice. It’s a weekend and I already got 3 gigs.

11.04.2022 11:33


Wanted to book you for August 14th. Let me know if you are available.

16.04.2022 15:12


You got it girl 😉

29.03.2022 01:05


Hello I am going to be in town April 4th and 5th
Wondering if you have any openings

16.04.2022 15:11


I don’t know. Maybe I had openings. Try emailed me ahead of time next time.

14.03.2022 14:40


Hi Amy. You are amazing and your website is sooo cool. I have been dressing for many years. Are you available tomorrow? Say 4ish? I have a fetlife page:

22.02.2022 21:03


Would love to book an appointment soon

22.02.2022 21:40


Sounds good!

14.01.2022 21:44


Hi Amy my name is Jennifer. I'm looking to get a full make up on the 20 th of January. I have a very special party I'm going to in arlington heights. How far is that from you.wondering if u are tha

17.01.2022 16:58


Just email me
And let’s arrange something

08.01.2022 13:06

Sharon Carpenter

Hey Amy. My husband is turning 60. He loves that we can indulge his CD fantasies. We have wanted to work with you for a long time and this birthday seems like the perfect gift for him. 1.30.22?

11.01.2022 12:43


I'm looking forward to meeting you guys :)

08.01.2022 04:47


I want to explore my feminine side

11.01.2022 12:42



20.11.2021 02:45


Hi Amy
Emailed on Fetlife Reserving Thursday 12/9 at approx 530pm Just makeover this time

20.11.2021 23:32


Got it. Thanks! Just follow the link to deposit. Thanks 😊

12.11.2021 04:18

Laura Ashli

Hi Amy,

I'm really interested in speaking with you about this. I sent you a text.

Laura Ashli

20.09.2021 09:48


Just wanted to see if you received my latest message. If you could help me with a costume I would love to go as Aunt Zelda. Let me know and I will book the date. Thanks, Billie

19.09.2021 14:44


email me please

16.09.2021 03:34


I would like to set up an appointment, do you also teach people how to do their own makeup, and when are you available?

16.09.2021 03:36


Yes. Email me

03.08.2021 04:05


Do you ever visit the scranton wilkes barre area

26.07.2021 18:19


I will be in rosemond Illinois this week is this near you interested in a makeover

21.07.2021 11:43


Love that you provide this service! Do you ever travel to rhode island?

31.07.2021 15:19

Amy Vodkahaus

Thank you! No, I never been there. Everyone comes here.

17.07.2021 04:22

ron perez

Hi are you available
regards Ron

31.07.2021 15:18

Amy Vodkahaus

Hi Ron! Yes, I am available.

12.05.2021 04:57


Do you ever find yourself in Southern California ?(Long Beach) area would you book a party of 15 girls facial make up only cross dress club meet monthly

31.07.2021 15:17

Amy Vodkahaus

That can be arranged.
Let me know. Thanks!

18.02.2021 15:20


Hello I've been crossdressing for two years I can do my make up but would love to do it better I live in erie pa and can travel I really need your help

18.02.2021 23:48


OK, then contact me abut setting up an appointment. Thanks!

09.11.2020 17:01

Brianna Jameson

Are you ever in buffalo New York?

28.12.2020 16:28


No. I hate that place. Everyone comes to see me. I don't need to go anywhere.

09.10.2020 12:17

Uday tiwari


28.12.2020 16:30


English or Bosnian, only.

05.10.2020 02:26


let me know get back

28.12.2020 16:29


No clue what you're talking about. Bye

30.09.2020 13:27


Wow this will be my first time and I been wanting to do this for quit sometime me and my friend and I'm ready

02.10.2020 00:59

Amy Vodkahaus

Okay, email me

19.08.2020 16:08


OMG! I so want to do this, But I'll cry the whole time and probably ruin the makeup because its been so long since I felt pretty or attractive.

21.08.2020 02:34

Amy Vodkahaus

We can fix that :)

12.07.2020 06:50


like 2 book a makeover w/u u dressed too. where e u located? I live in Tarentum in AK Valley.I would like 2 have makeover & 4 u 2 take sexy pics of me while I jerk off any Sunday after 4p,

28.07.2020 05:23

Amy Vodkahaus

Sure. That is fetish work and you'll pay fetish rate for that!

28.06.2020 21:33

Alex ricard

Would you be open still when I'm out of college

02.07.2020 05:12

Amy Vodkahaus

Of course :)

18.06.2020 05:11


What part of the city are you located in? Also, are you okay with bigger people?

02.07.2020 05:11

Amy Vodkahaus

I am in Pittsburgh, PA, the city. Yes, I working with people of all sizes, age, color and shapes. Just see the photos in my album. Thanks!

06.06.2020 15:20


Hi wanted to see if your open and available for Tuesday? Thank you for your time.

02.07.2020 05:10

Amy Vodkahaus

Just call, text or e-mail me next time please. I saw this late.
Thank you!

23.04.2020 04:57


OMG I am so excited to find you! This is a service I have dreamed of! I think I know what my birthday present to myself will be this year! I will be booking around Sept

03.05.2020 08:32

Amy Vodkahaus

Sounds great! I am looking forward to meeting you!

23.03.2020 13:25


High it's racheal I'm looking forward to having you make me gorgeous since you are a make up expert. I try to do my own with no luck. Also can you help me set up on a good site for a before and after

03.05.2020 08:33

Amy Vodkahaus

Hi Rachel, thank you! Hit me up anytime.

13.02.2020 18:49

Annabelle Celine Demure

You place sounds absolutely wonderful,
If I'm ever in Pittsburgh I plan to make an appointment!

17.02.2020 06:22

Any Vodkahaus

Sounds good, thanks!

01.02.2020 19:15

glen buchheit

so what would a full head to toe whole 9 yards day cost me

17.02.2020 06:21

Amy Vodkahaus

25.01.2020 20:46


Hi any avail on feb 23th?

25.01.2020 23:53

Amy Vodkahaus

Yes. Email me at

24.01.2020 22:57

Frank Skwaryk

Hello I'm a older CD I live in Erie PA I'd love to learn how to do make up so I can go out in public please get back I'm free almost any time for a appointment

25.01.2020 03:11

Amy Vodkahaus

Sure thing lady! Hit me up anytime.

18.01.2020 21:45

Robyn Drake

Do you have anything available for Friday at Keystone, before the gala?

22.01.2020 07:22

Amy Vodkahaus

Perhaps. I don't know yet. I haven't really given it any thought if I am going or not at this point.

05.01.2020 01:45

Roger Reynolds

Hello Amy ..... I'm Laura from Indianapolis IN. I might be going through P in a few weeks. In the closet for many years but, if I don't chicken out, would love to get at a facial makeover.

07.01.2020 11:18

Amy Vodkahaus

OK lady, sounds great! E-mail me directly at with some dates and times that work for you if you would like to set something up and we will go from there. Thanks!

22.11.2019 16:28

Dave mcconahy

Dave mccon ahy iam at the gala looking for a makeup friday and sat.

22.11.2019 18:20

Amy Vodkahaus

Hi Dave,
I’m at Erie Gala only on Saturday this year.
What time would you like to see me?
I got some time slots left.
Email me


19.11.2019 21:43

Joan Porter

I would like to schedule a makeover at Erie Gala for Saturday Nov 23 in the late afternoon if possible. How much do you charge for a makeover?


20.11.2019 02:34

Amy Vodkahaus
It’s $100 as posted under the event.
Depends what time you were thinking.
Email me
Thank you!

17.10.2019 01:48

Brian Hayes

I really want to so this, I am really mad with makeup and need help on teaching me how to do it right and to make it look good

30.10.2019 06:00

Amy Vodkahaus

Hi Brian! Come and see me sometimes. You know where to find me ;)

09.09.2019 12:11

Dustin parkey

Hi my name is dustin I'm 36 and i like to cross dress but it's hard anyone willing to talk to me and help me please let me know

30.10.2019 06:02

Amy Vodkahaus

Hi Dustin,
Try chat groups on Kik, or FetLife. Good luck and be safe!

04.08.2019 06:50


You and your work look absolutely amazing girl!

30.10.2019 06:02

Amy Vodkahaus

Thank you so much!

09.06.2019 04:33

Alice Evangeline Candace

I’m a post op transgender woman

30.10.2019 06:02

Amy Vodkahaus

Bless you!

08.06.2019 23:58


Hi my name is joshua i am 14 years old i wanna be a crossdresser i need help and some tips etc... please messege me love you😘😘

30.10.2019 06:04

Amy Vodkahaus

Hey Joshua,
YouTube it!
Be careful with pervs online!

03.08.2019 21:10

Straight Cute Sissy Boy

Hi Joshua. Please contact me if you need advice or guidance on this. I would be pleased to help in a professional, appropriate manner. My email is - I hope to hear from you soon.

20.05.2019 15:06


What is the best way to reach you to set up an appointment ?

30.10.2019 06:04

Amy Vodkahaus

Hello Jacqueline!
Probably en email...
Thank you!

17.05.2019 13:42

Brinah Morgan

Hi Amy,
Checking your availability for Saturday, June 8 for a makeover session. 😊

30.10.2019 06:05

Amy Vodkahaus

...I just now realized I can answer comments on here.

12.04.2019 19:32

Brienna Dennouix

Hi Amy, I wanted to see if you had any sessions available for April 27 or April 28, I am looking for a makeover, photoshoot and would love to go on an Outing with you dressed

13.03.2019 18:37

gary wissocki

Hello Amy;
I'd like to book an appointment mid to late April. During the week. Once confirmed, I will book a flight from Newark to your Pittsburgh airport. I need to explain more... Please write me.

18.02.2019 00:40


18.02.2019 00:39

Suzan Here I am.

17.02.2019 23:54

Suzan = fonature

Ever been to the blue moon? Yeah u love look so sexy.

30.10.2019 06:07

Amy Vodkahaus

Blue Moon is my home bar, it's where I started. I take many clients there. It's a great accepting and very diverse crowd.