06.08.2022 03:56


I am very interested in having you do my makeup Labor Day weekend a day or two. I’m learning slowly but surely but, would love to have it done well for this weekend

06.08.2022 21:26


You keep posting public comments. Email me directly

06.08.2022 11:31


No no party here just a weekend to get her out. I had almost had Friday in mind more than Saturday .

06.08.2022 03:59


I already got two people lined up to make over on Saturday, so that is a no go, but you could see me on Sunday the 4th. I am guessing you’re going to the same party.

16.07.2022 03:37


what city&state are you at.

18.07.2022 13:08


Wish it was somewhere on this website, right?

12.07.2022 00:37

tom edwards

have to wait till January or February hope this works for you want the whole friday saturday let me know best one for you will send down payment when hear back

11.07.2022 03:12

tom edwards

want the weekend enfemme thinking jan 23 want to wear what you pick for me

11.07.2022 15:36


It’s July

06.07.2022 14:12


Sounds good! Just get a regular outing package.

05.07.2022 21:02


Hi If I wanted Make up lessons also with you doing it and a night out what would be the best package?

16.06.2022 09:50


Do you sell breast forms?

11.05.2022 04:49

Bernard Tumi

Hi. Loved your site. Any ideas you may have on finding similar service or contact in Dallas-Fort Worth area?

11.05.2022 05:37


Thank you 😊
No, I don’t know anyone personally there.

03.04.2022 23:23


Can I bring someone with if I chose to get the accompanying package? Meaning the outing package..

04.04.2022 16:24


Of course! We will be going out with a group anyway.

03.04.2022 17:01


Where r u located?

04.04.2022 16:24


I will not answer that stupid question. See someone else.

30.03.2022 22:43


I hmm was wondering if you can do a mek over an possible putting.

30.03.2022 23:07


Ok shoot me an email

19.02.2022 10:35


Heyy im a single male male hat needs to transform to try

22.02.2022 12:21


Take an English class.

16.02.2022 12:05


Would i be able to purchase a wig from you if/when i schedule a makeover with you?

23.02.2022 03:17


Thanks Amy...i will email you with some dates soon to schedule a makeover. I'm thinking this july. Talk to you soon...take care

22.02.2022 12:21


Sure, I'll find you something.

05.02.2022 14:53


Hi Amy! When I book an appointment with you - what do I need to do before we meet? I'm worried about hair - beard, back hair etc. *pouts*. Not much I can do about my shoulders I suppose.

08.02.2022 17:39


1st book an appointment
2nd show up shaved

01.02.2022 02:40

Craig Rebmann

I would like to try you make over and outing service.

01.02.2022 02:42


Sweet. Message me and let’s set something up.

24.01.2022 16:53


Hi there, my name is Luz. I am closeted crossdresser girl. I wish there were more places and services like yours everywhere. Great work!

24.01.2022 18:40


aww thank you 😊

24.01.2022 06:37

Ashvini pandey


21.01.2022 21:25

John fox

I'm on long Island

22.01.2022 06:52


Sure. I'm in it says on here.

21.01.2022 21:28

John fox

I'm going to do a show for the first time.. January 30th. I would like the works. Is this possible

22.12.2021 01:36


i would love to do the weekend package, which city are you in?? i'm coming from Canada

24.12.2021 09:22


Not Amy but the city is Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, scan the site for more information

06.12.2021 19:31


Hey can i rent clothes wig and items to use for the evening after my make over

07.12.2021 12:41


How far in advance should some one schedule? i come to Pittsburgh for weekends some times. also can ny wife attebd appt

07.12.2021 04:47


Of course.

06.12.2021 10:26


Can you please text me 918-730-6553 I am very interested in your service

07.12.2021 04:46


No. E-mail me like everyone else.

05.12.2021 21:43


where are you located

29.11.2021 19:35


Do you style the wig the client request or are they just worn as is?

19.11.2021 01:30

Ajit singh

My filig grrls

12.11.2021 12:43


We're are you located?

13.11.2021 06:06


It's on here.

06.11.2021 12:59


Do you explain each step during the makeup makeover so that your client can attempt to recreate it at a later time?

13.11.2021 06:07



03.10.2021 15:51

John bydalek

I’m wanting to be completely transformed from male to female

04.10.2021 20:24


Cool! Email me.

24.09.2021 06:29

Kayla Laid

You sound very down to earth and everything said was sensible and your services priced fairly.
The Accompanied Outing sounds amazing..

10.09.2021 10:59

Hi Amy! Your beautiful btw! I was loving your profile and your service. Where are you located? It looks like your east coast?
I'm in San Francisco. Are you ever out this way?

26.08.2021 12:02


I have only fantized about dressing up, it's time, but I need help does your services help a man become a woman? I need help with makeup and wig and just becoming the girl I have always wanted 2B

26.08.2021 19:43


No, you are in a car repair facility.

24.08.2021 10:02


Hi Amy!
I have my own wigs (but never learned to style them). Do you also style, or show how to style, wigs?

26.08.2021 19:43


yes! I am very good at that.

23.08.2021 15:02


I am from Rhode Island was interested if you are close by

19.08.2021 21:29

Paul Glowaty

Interested in your service. What state are you in?

10.08.2021 22:51

Raschelle Ward

do you do contouring with your makeup. Do your airbrush

11.08.2021 20:04

Raschelle Ward

you answered my questions. Contouring with makeup is what I was looking for. Air brushing was meant as in makeup application. Sorry

10.08.2021 22:56

Amy Vodkahaus

Try writing that in proper English. I don’t understand you.
Anyway. I am a makeup artist and I contour faces with makeup. I don’t do photo retouching. I take my clients out on town in real life.

03.08.2021 19:13

Severn rodenberg

My birthday is October 4 and need a good make over

03.08.2021 21:23

Amy Vodkahaus

OK, just just follow the instructions on setting up an appointment.

13.07.2021 00:30


It is so wonderful that you provide the service that you do. Just knowing you are there helps. You will be motivation to lose 15 lbs to get a makeover. Hopefully, you realize how wonderful you are

31.07.2021 15:15

Amy Vodkahaus

That’s very sweet of you. Thank you!

10.07.2021 17:30

Edward Barde

I will do anything for you to be my mentor and you get the money I make and I only want to be totally feminized and turned into a whore and I am looking for someone to help me become a money maker

05.07.2021 22:40


I am a mtf and would like a glam make over with a wig. I will be in Goshen NY on the 8th could you schedule me late afternoon

03.05.2021 14:47

Michelle V

Where are you located?

31.07.2021 15:13

Amy Vodkahaus

Pittsburgh, PA as stated on this website that you commented on.

23.03.2021 20:25

Meghan Fournoit

When Covid is over, will you be doing any conventions/conferences/vacations (i.e. Keystone, DLV, Pinkfest, Detroit Invasion(s), etc.)?

14.04.2021 15:40


Of course!

22.03.2021 02:15

Katherine SMITH

How far are you willing to travel for a nice session

19.02.2021 20:10


interested in make over but have no female close

26.01.2021 18:10

Michael Haller

I like to play dress up and would love if you could help me out with a few sessions feminized me and let me out on the town
You can go sluty, sexy, elegant, or just a sissy slave

27.01.2021 21:02

Michael Haller

Not shure where to go from here

26.01.2021 18:12

Michael Haller

FYI i can afford multiple sessions

22.01.2021 03:51


Very interested in your services but beyond nervous. Any way we can chat brief to reassure things.

13.04.2021 19:56


I would love to be dressed up pretty and take a
Walk in the mall.

17.02.2021 20:27


Don't do it. There. Solved.

21.01.2021 21:47


I have had two transformations and photo shoots done by Any.She did a great job. Going to have a third one done soon

17.02.2021 20:28


Thank you Susan!

10.01.2021 23:18

Chris Kwok

Im in Indianapolis Indiana and would love your service

17.02.2021 20:28



07.01.2021 05:29


So that means we get dressed up and nails done toes and all that clothes are provided and that means we'll be going out till nightclub we close up with somebody or you could provide us the date

17.02.2021 20:29



01.01.2021 22:16

Rachal campbell

Have a done of question was wondering if u were available today for my girl to have a night out

28.12.2020 14:28


Do you have maid uniforms? Also after you transform me would you consider letting me do your household chores for a day what would total charge be?

28.12.2020 16:21


go beat off elsewhere.

18.12.2020 21:50


I might be interested in your service but this is December 2020 and I'm in thePhoenix, Arizona area. Where are you and/or do you know of anyone here?

28.12.2020 16:21


I'm not interested in stupid. bye