23.03.2020 21:27


You want to be with me

23.03.2020 21:25


I like my other friends to the beautiful

23.03.2020 21:23


I hope he makes love to me I need it bad that's why I love to dress up like a woman

23.03.2020 21:22


I'm falling in love right now I hope he loves me

23.03.2020 18:07


Yeah you can just me I want you to email to we could keep in touch you got a partner I lost mine already he broke up with me

23.03.2020 18:06


I want you to wait for me okay you can dress me up nice like a pretty girl

23.03.2020 18:05


Hey sweetie I miss you my nickname is April I'm having trouble sending baby

23.03.2020 16:09


I am trying very hard

23.03.2020 16:08


I can't get I can't get through baby please help me I'm trying hard

23.03.2020 15:28


It's going to take time send me your phone number

23.03.2020 15:26


I love you sweetheart

23.03.2020 15:25


I'm having trouble with my with my name my name is April the thing is they have it already

23.03.2020 14:49


You got somebody in your life I'm single looking for love right now

23.03.2020 14:46


I forgot to tell you guys I want a vagina I don't want a penis in the more I feel like a woman and I dressed like a woman

23.03.2020 13:11


I love you guys you guys do me good I need somebody to make me feel good in to be a woman

23.03.2020 13:08


I need I need a good woman to make love to me and I love for a long time I masturbate a lot

03.05.2020 08:41

Amy Vodkahaus

That's personal!

23.03.2020 12:53


I want somebody to make me happy I love to wear my wedding dress

23.03.2020 12:51


I'm looking for somebody to to be with me I could take care of him you can take care of me

23.03.2020 12:20


Please help me to be my woman I am ready to change my mind gender

23.03.2020 12:15


I've been crazy busy for 15 years my grandmother would just me up like a little girl I loved it I'm in the wrong body right now I don't feel like a boy inside I want to go to I cry everyday now

03.05.2020 08:40

Amy Vodkahaus

You're welcome to see me for a makeover tho. I can help you with that.

20.03.2020 15:51

Gina Lewis

I am looking to get a MTF makeover and would like to discuss your services.

03.05.2020 08:40

Amy Vodkahaus

Hello Gina, reach out to me anytime
Thank you!

23.03.2020 12:41


Sweetie I know you're beautiful woman

10.03.2020 20:05

Alanda Hyde

Hi I'm alanda I'm interested in a male to female complete transformation could u please describe the entire process to me

23.03.2020 15:28


Sweetheart I'm trying please help me baby

23.03.2020 12:52


I want to be female so bad I feel like a woman now

21.02.2020 14:07

Donovan Duran SR.

I drive to email you Amy but for some reason it won't let me email you but I want your service is really badd

23.03.2020 12:53


You want me to email me have yours

21.02.2020 14:04

Donovan Duran SR.

I want your services

04.05.2020 02:34

Amy Vodkahaus

Sure thing. Email me

17.02.2020 00:16


hi there can we please talk i want be girl so bad yet but no hleps me :( can hlep me please ?

23.03.2020 14:48


Jason you are very pretty woman I'm going to keep in touch I'm going to keep in touch with you baby

23.03.2020 13:12


Me and you got it we got something in common we want to be woman a girl I love you

17.02.2020 06:19

Amy Vodkahaus

Sure, I will talk to you.
E-mail me about booking your session.

10.10.2019 13:25


I was nervous at first but after I did it I can’t wait to come back she is the best omg I couldn’t believe how good I looked and my friends that saw said I was sexy

30.10.2019 06:11

Amy Vodkahaus

aww thank you so much!

05.10.2019 18:14

skip hunter

do you ever " GO OUT " ? do you have a
mink coat ?

30.10.2019 06:13

Amy Vodkahaus

I am vegetarian and I wear faux fur only.
I go out all the time, it's called accompanied outings on here. If you were looking to get tied up and beaten to death see my other website haha

02.09.2019 18:56


love your look, make over me

30.10.2019 06:13

Amy Vodkahaus

Thank you!
Stop over anytime !

31.08.2019 19:07


I had the pleasure of Amy helping me - OK, transforming me! - recently for three consecutive days. I very highly recommend Amy to anyone who wants to get a makeover or needs to have makeup done profes

23.03.2020 12:19


You are very kind and sweet I want to be a girl so much

30.10.2019 06:13

Amy Vodkahaus

Wonderful meeting you and thank you!

31.08.2019 03:36

gary t klavon

what you to do my make up so bad

30.10.2019 06:14

Amy Vodkahaus

What's stopping you?

18.08.2019 17:15

Christine Stephens

i'm interested in knowing if you can tell me where I can get crossdressing things, like breastplates and clothes I would loke to vist your place sometime to talk to you.

30.10.2019 06:15

Amy Vodkahaus

email me

16.08.2019 03:30

Randy Pennell

Just wanted to say ThankYou once again. I do hope by sending you much needed information about myself that we can finally meet. But look forward to finding out more this coming week. I think your amaz

26.07.2019 09:40


Hi dear do you have job for me ? Please let me know i am a good photographer and cameraman also

22.06.2019 04:18


I am blown away finding your service. Very supportive and it's so wonderful to find someone who helps us CD's

30.10.2019 06:15

Amy Vodkahaus

aww thank you
i really love what i do

25.03.2019 01:14

Bunni Longbottom

I wish I could have found you 3 years ago would love to have a complete makeover and help in transitioning from mtf

24.03.2019 08:12

Dave Schneider

Wow I'm a straight man but I've always wanted to dress female. I wear women's panties every day for years but I can't afford to go all the way. One day I really want to go all out and hit a bar.

14.03.2019 02:56

Leslie Reynolds

Amy, I love your mission and wish there was someone like you closer to my hometown of Louisville. I really need what you a big way. I am unlike your other clients. I am 61.

12.03.2019 13:51

Kajal Sharma

I'm kajal 40y from rohini delhi I want searching CD parlour in rohini delhi

05.03.2019 15:26

Jenn dejore

Hello..I'm jenn..I was so fortunate to find this place on fetlife..I had wanted to be made up for years but I'm so deep in my closet that I had not found the courage to come out yet.i love your

04.03.2019 22:43


You are awesome! Next time I'm on the east coast I'll try to get the courage to come see you

02.03.2019 20:35


i need to becom a girls

18.02.2019 02:57

Mistress Vikki

Hi there amy
Nice to have met you at first event this year. I enjoyed our chats. And wish you much sucrss sweets. Hope our paths may cross again in the future

14.02.2019 00:13


Hi I'm Melissa and I love being a beautiful woman. I love dressing up I want to be a woman more than anything in the world.

11.02.2019 23:22


My computer is failing. I can not click to check prices or schedule an appointment or anything else. I can only stay on home page. Could you send me an email with some info please?

11.02.2019 18:50


Wow this is exciting tell me more about it

09.02.2019 11:09


What is the web site to lo look at stuff to buy

24.01.2019 23:10


I can't wait to book an appt. with you and get all sissies up, I wish I knew the cost, im going to start saving nos

18.01.2019 18:26

EeVee Lrzen / AKA Lars Houtsma

are you going to be at First Event ?? Jan 30th to Feb 3rd ?? I am going to be there ! I am not sure you remember me !! I am EeVee... we meet at the SCTC in Florida this last September..

17.01.2019 04:22

Brittany pink cd

Lookin to get done up and pics done for my profiles. And to go out on gurlllss nite

11.01.2019 08:15


I want to know how to size everything from man to woman