29.04.2022 19:31


Wondering if you are comfortable doing makeovers for older(read senior) CD's ? Any experience withthat? I hope

30.04.2022 14:35


Of course. I seen many.

28.04.2022 17:34


Amazing. But missed my time..

16.04.2022 03:01

John Barnes

Hello I’m John I need a shemale to show me a good time

16.04.2022 15:10


John, you’re an idiot. Go elsewhere

30.03.2022 22:32


I am 30 want to truly meet my feminine side. I do want to go out as my feminine self

25.03.2022 06:49


I'm 34 and very girly.

Need a session urgent.

I would LOVE to meet other gurls for a night out...

25.03.2022 06:51


Cool. Email me like everyone else and let’s talk dates to book your session.

20.03.2022 05:27


Hi I'm a 21 yr old trans girl and was wondering if you are able to do the emo e girl look

20.03.2022 17:18


Of course

08.03.2022 19:39


I would love to have a make over and the a dome session on the same day ? Is that possible

20.03.2022 17:19


Perhaps. Fill out the form on my other side.

03.03.2022 16:22

Jessica Anne Barde

What a very professional introduction about the very important service that you are providing to the community. Corresponding with you via email you made me very relaxed and very comfortable.

03.03.2022 16:16

Jessica Anne Barde

Well good morning beautiful!!! What a nice way to brighten up my day. I was a little nervous about my last message to you..I was like I hope I didn't come off disrespectful or like a freaking whac

27.02.2022 05:10


Hey not sure how to get a hold of you but I have called a few times and emailed a few times hopefully this works

28.02.2022 00:08


My number is not listed on here, I got tired of wankers, so I’m not sure who you called. My email address is

07.02.2022 01:13


March 24, 25, 26 is the Keystone Conference in Gettysburg. Im hoping that you will be one of the vendors as I always get a makeover each day

27.01.2022 18:50

Staci Penns

Hello Amy. Been awhile, glad to see your well n things are good for You. Booked an appointment here few years ago n then all he'll broke. I told you to keep the money, cause I felt bad. Like 2schedule

28.02.2022 00:10


Hello. Yea ma’am. Okay, whenever you’re ready.

27.01.2022 01:40


I would love to surprise my husband with a fantasy makeover.
It would be the best birthday gift.
Please send links near Pittsburgh/Ohio.

19.02.2022 03:40


Such a great wife and a very lucky husband!

27.01.2022 04:45


Hey hey
Lucky you
I am in Pittsburgh
Yinz should see me sometimes

08.01.2022 04:31


I would love for you to feminize me.

11.01.2022 12:43


book a session like everyone else.

11.12.2021 01:47


I want to plan a future makeover. Please send me any information.

11.12.2021 19:01


Cool! Look around this website. It’s all on here. I pay for this site so I don’t answer same questions all day ever day.

08.12.2021 20:14


I really need yoyr help! i emailed earlier but said somethong wrong! please help me

11.12.2021 19:03


Yep. You did.
It’s a no and always will be. Good luck out there!

03.12.2021 05:26


For questions not answered on the Q&A page, that I’m not comfortable asking in a comment, would I email the email from your booking page or is that only for booking?

11.12.2021 19:02


Email me. Keep in mind you say something stupid and I’ll never see you.

23.11.2021 18:12

Amy Mouse

Your YouTube and Instagram links both go to a dead Instagram page.

24.11.2021 01:28


Thank you for letting me know :)

04.11.2021 20:08

Jon N Conley

Are you aware of an similar services in Des Moines Iowa?

13.11.2021 06:08


None. Everyone comes to see me.

12.09.2021 22:27


thank you for having site like this and encouraging people like me to explore a new side of is something i need to do soon

29.09.2021 22:24


Do it gurl!

17.08.2021 22:57


I would like to go clothes and wig shopping and also to the nail salon. Do you ever accompany clients on such trips?

19.08.2021 03:39

Amy Vodkahaus

Yes ma’am

02.08.2021 01:45

Thasmin Fathima

Do you provide video recording facility of the entire day at m2fantasy?

19.08.2021 03:38

Amy Vodkahaus

Of course

01.08.2021 05:51

Thasmin Fathima

Can you cover the moustache using prosthetics?

01.08.2021 08:51


Sure, if you want to look like a burn victim. Just wear a Covid mask, put on a wig and pair of sunglasses. Good luck girl!

31.07.2021 05:08

Thasmin Fathima

Is ear piercing and clean shave mandatory?Do you use liquid latex?

31.07.2021 15:11

Amy Vodkahaus

It’s up to you if you want to shave or not. I got clip on earrings. I’m not sure what you mean by liquid latex. Perhaps a lash glue? I use a few different ones.

10.07.2021 17:24

Edward Barde

I'm looking to be totally feminized permanently and I'm sure that you are the best that I have ever seen and I would love for you to be my make up artist and wardrobe consultant and I will do the rest

31.07.2021 15:09

Amy Vodkahaus

Cool. Come see me sometimes.

10.06.2021 22:42

Summer ford

Will u come to Dallas tx for conference

10.06.2021 22:39

Summer ford

Will w

13.05.2021 22:44


I need my make up done. My phone is 323 305-9044

10.04.2021 05:11


I would love to get tips and training on how to transform into a proper sissy bimbo for my Mistress. Do you have any recommendations on where to go for such services in Atlanta GA?

31.07.2021 15:08

Amy Vodkahaus

Yes! Contact Goddess Chyenne.

04.04.2021 03:47


I would love to be fixed up sexy and then learn to be a good sissy whore. Willing to submit myself for a weekand and make her money. I want the experience. Is that wrong or do able?

15.03.2021 18:58

Ron Sullivan

I live in Rochester. I want to set up a session from makeup to clothes. To some walking lessons. I will come down just for this and stay over at a hotel. I am thinking it will 6 hours. Costs?

31.07.2021 15:06

Amy Vodkahaus

The cost of your trip? I don’t know. Depends what you drive or how you get there, and where you stay. My rates and services are listed on this website. Good luck!

26.01.2021 01:50

Gerald Bauld

Iam looking to get a job for any store that is about crissdressunf. I work for free just do I can live my life the way I want to

17.02.2021 20:26


Good luck getting a job anywhere with that writing. Thoughts and prayers sis!

19.12.2020 12:02


I am a crossdresser I would really Love to come on down and let you work me over and go out for a nite on the town it is what I have wanted to do all my life I just cant afford to do it

28.12.2020 16:26


Then keep on dreaming! I don't come to your job and ask you to work for free either. Bye

07.12.2020 10:59

Phillipe Moss or pHYLUUZ


07.12.2020 11:02


Of course

09.11.2020 17:06

Brianna Jameson

Are you ever in buffalo ny ?

04.12.2020 11:13


For funerals. I had family there.
Anyway, everyone comes to me so I don’t need to go anywhere.

14.10.2020 00:13


Love it!

16.09.2020 12:17

Dave Beardslee

I’m ready to be sexy again. Can you help??

17.09.2020 03:51

Amy Vodkahaus

Yep, I can.

31.08.2020 22:43


Hi Amy, very interested in your service but extremely reserved. Wondering about pre makeover stuff (if any) such as what style of makeover you recommend based on person, clothing/shaving/prep etc..

14.09.2020 03:33

Amy Vodkahaus

I don't understand the question.
Pretty sure it's all answered under services and Q& A on here.

27.08.2020 18:16


Amy I love your work!!! Would you do makeup for cis female?

27.08.2020 21:03

Amy Vodkahaus

Thank you! Of course, I would love to do your makeup.
I do everyone's makeup just that this is my niche market. Come see me anytime.

27.08.2020 15:40


Are you currently operational in this climate of madness? Could you email me details and prices? You are what i am looking for and I am serious. Thank you in advance.

27.08.2020 21:04

Amy Vodkahaus

Just click on Services & Rates

04.08.2020 17:42


Are you ever in nyc?

07.08.2020 02:14

Amy Vodkahaus

No. People fly in to see me from all over I don't need to go anywhere.

18.07.2020 21:46


hi, this is a sexual turn on for me, idk if i could pass but id luv 2 try n b sluuty. can u help?

28.07.2020 05:25

Amy Vodkahaus

Yes, I can help you.

25.06.2020 23:26

David r mcnally

Do you have availability june 27 for makeover?

02.07.2020 05:09

Amy Vodkahaus

I did not see this in time. Try emailing, texting or calling me next time please. Thanks!

18.06.2020 03:05

Tye Arno

I'm 61 years old and have always wanted to do the full effect of crossdressing. Please help me. I'm a person of color.

02.07.2020 05:08

Amy Vodkahaus

Just message me anytime you would like to come and see me. Thanks!

03.06.2020 20:07


I like to meet u im from holland can i stay at ur house for a week and be ur slave u can do everyting with me ill be a good boy and transform me into a barbie slut

11.05.2020 21:10


love the pictures, especially Callie, gives me hope for how i could "maybe look", i think im going to have to visit - "as soon as i can" - when ever that may be..

11.05.2020 21:14

Amy Vodkahaus

OK, you know where to find me when you're ready. Thanks!

12.04.2020 21:07


I am looking forward to coming to PA. for a makeover. I will warn you, it will take all of your skills to pass me off as a woman.

03.05.2020 08:44

Amy Vodkahaus

I am sure you will look amazing!

28.03.2020 08:58

Sara Summers

I love this page

03.05.2020 08:43

Amy Vodkahaus

Thank you!

24.03.2020 06:39


You have a good day tomorrow dress nice nice and pretty

24.03.2020 01:08


Sweetie I'm waiting for you I'm watching TV